I’m rebooting this blog and re-focusing content to my mobile photographs, mostly ones I’ve uploaded to Instagram but hopefully I’ll be able to post out-takes/leftovers.

Here’s an old photo, taken around 6pm of April 27, 2007 on the fire exit landing of my old office in Alabang. I titled it “Ain’t It Just Like the Night to Play Tricks when We’re Trying to Be So Quiet“, from Bob Dylan’s ‘Visions of Johanna‘. I shot this with my Sony-Ericsson K800i. I just loved the cloud formation and the sunset hues coupled with the mysterious-looking silhouette.

This still remains of my favorite shots and feel that it deserves more attention than it has received. My habit of using song titles or lines as photo caption started around this time.

I was going to delete old posts to make the whole blog cohesive as the old posts were random ramblings but I was reading through the comments and saw the post of a good friend who passed away barely a month ago. I didn’t have the heart to do it, so I’ll just let the old posts get buried by new ones.

Reast in peace, Uncle Tote.


I Love Joni!

Just a quick one to let fellow Joni Mitchell fans (I know there are a few of you out there) know that her new album, Shine, is already out locally. Don’t really know how long it’s been released, but it’s still in the New Releases of Music One. Bought a copy for 495 kesos. The album was percolating in my headphones the whole afternoon. Bliss….

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I drove for nearly 2 hours last Thursday from Alabang to PowerPlant and missed the first 5 minutes of Stardust. Good thing I’ve read the Charles Vess illustrated book and I more or less know what I’ve missed, otherwise I would have thrown a tantrum, or the popcorn, whichever was handier. Plus my girlfriend, who got in ahead of me, assured me that I didn’t miss much. And that she wanted to finish the popcorn.

It’s a well made movie in my opinion, despite the deviations from the book. The movie had a much lighter tone, and the ending differed somewhat. Plus Michelle Pfeiffer’s not in the book. Speaking of Pfeiffer, she must have 20 grandkids by now but she’s still hot! GILF FTW! Claire Danes on the other hand got uglier. Whatever happened to her? Sienna Miller had a pitifully small role here, which doesn’t bother me much. Pfeiffer’s still hotter than her.

The star (pun intended) of the movie for me was Robert De Niro who gave a superb performance as Capt. Shakespeare. This for me is his most memorable role in the last 10 years.

I am a big Neil Gaiman fan but I wasn’t at all disappointed with this film. Anyway, this is by no means a review. I’m just having mental diarrhea. Oops… gotta clean up now.

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Long time offline.

Just a quick post after being lost in the analog wilderness for almost 5 months. My PowerBook’s hard drive crashed last May. I just got another PowerBook last week and been trying to install and configure all the applications I used before. Luckily, I managed to retrieved most of my data from the crashed drive.

Now it’s a long ptrocess of trying to wrap my head around all these digital tools after relying solely on pen and paper. For fellow Mac addicts, check my profile on iusethis, with a list of my most used software.

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Phone Blogging

I got a new phone last week, a Sony Ericsson K800i. This is one of the first shots I took with the phone’s 3.2 megapixel camera. I’m also posting this entry using the phone, via an application called Shozu.

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Project 365, day 3.

This is Babo, the ugly doll. But he’s not really ugly. We both think so.

He is actually a gift my girlfriend got from her sister but I’ve gotten a little attached to him. He rides with me everyday and is quiet most of the time, but complains loudly when I use his tummy as my pillow. When the road is bumpy, he’s prone to jumping up and down and sometimes does a couple rounds of jumping jacks. I think he needs to see the dentist though.

But seriously, it’s nice to have a quiet companion who doesn’t mind me when I’m grumpy; doesn’t bug me for a bite off my cheeseburger; someone who’s appreciative, in his own quiet way, of my singing along to whatever’s blasting in my iPod earphones; and it helps a lot that he’s fluffy and gray and has cute yellow eyes. One of these days, I’ll teach him how to drink beer and check out the chicks in Alabang Town Center.


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Come Bite The Apple

Project 365, day 2.

PowerBook and PowerNotebook

PowerBook and PowerNotebook perhaps? Or MacMoleskine?

I’m still very much obsessed with my Moleskine notebook, which is glaringly obvious. I guess I’m joining the back-to-paper movement, after a forced rehabilitation from 7 years of Palm addiction. I bought another Moleskine last night, a squared notebook this time, to which I’m migrating my to-dos/task lists from the PowerBook. This after weeks obsessing over which combination of software would help me get things done. Now it all boils down to pen and paper. I’m still trying to come up with the best system for this but I have a rough idea already. More on that next time, if I don’t give up, that is.

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