Ink and Paper

I don’t know what it is about fountain pens but I love holding one. I love writing with it, even if my handwriting is mostly really lousy.
Way back in college, I had a Parker fountain pen that I got from my father. I used it to further my feeble attempts at being a poet. With a cassette of The Doors in the player (yes, we didn’t have CD players back then), a lapad bottle of Tanduay Rhum Dark in one hand and my trusty fountain pen in the other and a fresh page of my notebook lying in wait, I felt like Baudelaire or Rimbaud reincarnated. Well, a mediocre reincarnation, that is.
So back to the present, where I don’t drink Tanduay anymore, and that cassette must be in analog music heaven now. I’ve been meaning to get myself a cheap fountain pen for myself this christmas. This has been sparked by my interest in Moleskine notebooks, which I read about in a thread in the Philippine Macintosh Users Group forum, or PhilMUG. I was thinking of getting either a Parker or an Aurora pen.
A couple of mornings ago, I was in our bedroom getting ready for work when I heard my girlfriend downstairs shrieking. She ran up to our room and I was expecting to be told that our dogs fought again, or that our electricity bill had gone up the roof. I knew neither was the case when I saw she had a big smile on her face and a something black in her hand. Her dad apparently gave her one of his Meisterstück fountain pens. And knowing how much I wanted to have one, she then gave it to me. It also came with a bottle of Montblanc ink. Now I have to get myself a Moleskine notebook. And practice my cursives.

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