Come Bite The Apple

Project 365, day 2.

PowerBook and PowerNotebook

PowerBook and PowerNotebook perhaps? Or MacMoleskine?

I’m still very much obsessed with my Moleskine notebook, which is glaringly obvious. I guess I’m joining the back-to-paper movement, after a forced rehabilitation from 7 years of Palm addiction. I bought another Moleskine last night, a squared notebook this time, to which I’m migrating my to-dos/task lists from the PowerBook. This after weeks obsessing over which combination of software would help me get things done. Now it all boils down to pen and paper. I’m still trying to come up with the best system for this but I have a rough idea already. More on that next time, if I don’t give up, that is.

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One thought on “Come Bite The Apple

  1. Hooray, another Mac/Moleskine loving person. You’re using Ecto too. We could be twins!! I put an Apple logo on a black Moleskine Cahier. The book was small and the logo huge. It looked like something M$ would produce!! I love the squared Moleskines because you can write in either portrait or landscape. More sensible than lined, neater than plain!

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