Project 365, day 3.

This is Babo, the ugly doll. But he’s not really ugly. We both think so.

He is actually a gift my girlfriend got from her sister but I’ve gotten a little attached to him. He rides with me everyday and is quiet most of the time, but complains loudly when I use his tummy as my pillow. When the road is bumpy, he’s prone to jumping up and down and sometimes does a couple rounds of jumping jacks. I think he needs to see the dentist though.

But seriously, it’s nice to have a quiet companion who doesn’t mind me when I’m grumpy; doesn’t bug me for a bite off my cheeseburger; someone who’s appreciative, in his own quiet way, of my singing along to whatever’s blasting in my iPod earphones; and it helps a lot that he’s fluffy and gray and has cute yellow eyes. One of these days, I’ll teach him how to drink beer and check out the chicks in Alabang Town Center.


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One thought on “GodLovesUgly

  1. You should teach him to play your under-utilized guitar. It would help him to get the chicks in Alabang. He’s so ugly that he’s cute.

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