I drove for nearly 2 hours last Thursday from Alabang to PowerPlant and missed the first 5 minutes of Stardust. Good thing I’ve read the Charles Vess illustrated book and I more or less know what I’ve missed, otherwise I would have thrown a tantrum, or the popcorn, whichever was handier. Plus my girlfriend, who got in ahead of me, assured me that I didn’t miss much. And that she wanted to finish the popcorn.

It’s a well made movie in my opinion, despite the deviations from the book. The movie had a much lighter tone, and the ending differed somewhat. Plus Michelle Pfeiffer’s not in the book. Speaking of Pfeiffer, she must have 20 grandkids by now but she’s still hot! GILF FTW! Claire Danes on the other hand got uglier. Whatever happened to her? Sienna Miller had a pitifully small role here, which doesn’t bother me much. Pfeiffer’s still hotter than her.

The star (pun intended) of the movie for me was Robert De Niro who gave a superb performance as Capt. Shakespeare. This for me is his most memorable role in the last 10 years.

I am a big Neil Gaiman fan but I wasn’t at all disappointed with this film. Anyway, this is by no means a review. I’m just having mental diarrhea. Oops… gotta clean up now.

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