I’m rebooting this blog and re-focusing content to my mobile photographs, mostly ones I’ve uploaded to Instagram but hopefully I’ll be able to post out-takes/leftovers.

Here’s an old photo, taken around 6pm of April 27, 2007 on the fire exit landing of my old office in Alabang. I titled it “Ain’t It Just Like the Night to Play Tricks when We’re Trying to Be So Quiet“, from Bob Dylan’s ‘Visions of Johanna‘. I shot this with my Sony-Ericsson K800i. I just loved the cloud formation and the sunset hues coupled with the mysterious-looking silhouette.

This still remains of my favorite shots and feel that it deserves more attention than it has received. My habit of using song titles or lines as photo caption started around this time.

I was going to delete old posts to make the whole blog cohesive as the old posts were random ramblings but I was reading through the comments and saw the post of a good friend who passed away barely a month ago. I didn’t have the heart to do it, so I’ll just let the old posts get buried by new ones.

Reast in peace, Uncle Tote.


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